Digital strategy

Do you know where you want your business to go?
Are you planning a new product or campaign launch, but feel stressed out about what to do and in what order?
Do you feel out of your depth when it comes to ‘Digital’?

Let me help!

Don’t let Digital overwhelm you

You don’t have to be everywhere doing everything! But you do have to decide what you can do well and what will reward you for your efforts.

We can help you put a well-formed plan together comprising digital strategy and actions to reach your goals. We have the experience of 15 years working for online businesses, like, and corporates, like Barclays Bank, as well as for lots of small clients to put into action for you. Test us on this and get in touch!


What’s your vision?


“As I have developed my business and wanted more from the digital side of things, Cheryl has been on hand to advise on new products that can help it grow and become more profitable.”

In 2015 are you ready to take some time away from the busyness and noise of life to fathom out a vision for your business? This is where an independent consultant can be really valuable, as it’s our goal to define that vision with you and give you the tools to make it reality. We can find quick wins and tease out long-term plans, which will empower you and set your course for success.

rocketSo how are you doing in the digital world?

Take two minutes to rate yourself out of 10. How would you score if your potential customers want to:

  • find you or compare you,
  • transact or interact with you,
  • receive customer service,
  • comment on you and/or recommend you to others

It’s good to know your strengths and weaknesses. Today, as consumers, we expect a rounded, consistent experience of a service, no matter what channel. This is why many companies are changing their focus from ‘multi-channel’, i.e. having a strategy and approach for each channel, to ‘omni-channel’, i.e. creating one consistent experience that meets client expectations no matter how they interact with you.

If you want to improve your scores above, provide that omni-channel service, increase your effectiveness and save time, then get in touch. As well as improving websites, we can help you get to grips with email, social media sites, blogs and forums, and decide which of these is the right place for you. It’s time to bite the bullet! Our email form is below.