Eleanor Barlow Professional Website Design

Eleanor Barlow

Professional website design for a cyberpsychologist & business adviser

Eleanor Barlow is a cyberpsychologist and strategic adviser to businesses, her target client being business leaders and senior executives. It was important that her brand and website reflected her unique area of knowledge and approach, heavyweight experience and business acumen.

Eleanor Barlow website

"I hired Cheryl to help me develop a clean, clear and powerful online presence for my business. I needed something which would articulate the weight of my brand whilst also conveying my personality and experience.

Although elements of my positioning were still in flux when we initially engaged, I had a fairly clear idea of how I wanted my site to look and feel. Cheryl was able to translate my scamps into site design effectively, with confidence and expertise. When you engage Cheryl you are entering into real partnership; despite late changes to content and structure, Cheryl has remained patient, understanding and flexible throughout the entire process demonstrating a fantastic sensitivity to my situation and awareness of my business. I definitely feel as though 'we're in this together' and I love my new site!"

Eleanor Barlow