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Vesta Rowing Club

Revamped rowing club website and membership management

Vesta is a well-established rowing club in London, with a membership of several hundred. We have refreshed the website to make it more useful and up-to-date for members and more attractive for visitors (almost halving the bounce rate). And as part of an ongoing project, we moved membership subscriptions to an online direct debit collection service and member applications online too, saving time, reducing errors and increasing revenues.

Testimonial on request

Aga Siemiginowska
Putney, London

Jules Rendell

Soul Singer and Songwriter website

An artist like Jules Rendell needs a website to be modern, classy and cool. Together we focused on creating a visually bold and engaging website, with plenty of photos, video and tracks. Importantly the site also links a lot of Jules' social media and commercial activity. It also has room for news, reviews and upcoming events too!

A note on Jules’ site is a Parallex Scrolling site, which means that the background images move behind the foreground images at a slower speed. This can have a very striking effect, but it means that screenshots of the site don't do it justice. I encourage you to click on the image below to view more!

I love my new scroller website. Cheryl has a natural eye for colour, size and balance so that the website is stylish with all the features I wanted but not cluttered. She listened to my requirements and ideas and augmented them to cover areas I hadn't thought of, including the revolving video reel, news page and mailing list sign up. Also willing to learn new aspects of the WordPress theme to make the website I wanted, Cheryl showed her technical ability to solve problems quickly and teach me how to update the website myself. One of her strengths is incorporating social media and SEO rankings, making the most of Google and other search engines to get as much traffic to my site as possible.

I'm thoroughly pleased with the job she has done for me and think it portrays me as an artist in the exact way I'd envisioned. She's also great fun to be around - I totally recommend her!

Jules Rendell

Peter Scott Tree Care

Specialist Root Barrier Website

Peter Scott Tree Care needed to redesign their website, as it had become outdated. The key priorities were to make it more attractive, user-friendly and drive more sales contacts. This was achieved in summer 2014 with ongoing SEO improvements and additions to content as required.

(Please note the foliage background image is a scrolling image, so the background does not turn grey when visiting the website, this is just a downside to using screen grabs!)

Cheryl understood straight away what we wanted and advised us on what we needed; things that we had not thought about. She delivered a fresh, modern website that is easy to navigate and contains all the information and downloads that our customers may need. Cheryl also keeps an eye on things and makes sure that everything is up to date and optimised.

Dia Garrido
Morden, South London

The Mad House of Cats and Babies

Making a blog work for you

Karen needed to bring order to her burgeoning blog, to make it more accessible and grow its influence in a wider audience, and learn more about the opportunities available in marketing her work

I already had a very basic website, running as a blog, when I approached Cheryl, for help with revamping it. I had some very vague ideas in mind, but as someone who really has no experience with website design, it was so nice to work with her. She was tremendously helpful, taking my ideas and vision for my site, and using her expertise and experience to make it look and work better, and also look how I wanted it to. She was able to take my very simple “I want this to happen” and make it a reality.

She is very easy to work with and accommodating, very good at saying when something will or won’t work, and also coming up with better solutions. She helped me to understand more about branding and marketing my product (my blog) and getting it out there and seen. She has also been very helpful with aftercare, and has been there to help me when I have needed to edit or change small things, but was worried about my own technical abilities. She explains things clearly, and every step was talked over before she carried it through to completion on the website design. She produced realistic action plans, and set reasonable expectations of deadlines and it was always clear what would be happening, and when, in terms of work being done.

The whole process of setting up or revamping a blog or website can be very daunting, if you have never done it before, so it was a pleasure to work with Cheryl, who made it all seem so easy, and smooth. I continue to be impressed with her technical wizardry, and her ability to translate “I want this thing to look like this and do this” into something that actually works on a site. I am looking forward to working with her again, in the future and would recommend her services. It was well worth the investment to get her to help me take my blog and site where I wanted it.

Karen Reekie
Richmond, London

Imago Styling

A simple, stylish brand and website for personal stylist

Kristina is a personal stylist and image consultant who needed to build an online brand and presence. As a stylist, she had a vision of a clean, classic, monochrome site, which splashes of vibrant colour.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cheryl! I was new to the world of websites and widgets when we began working together, and she was very patient, explained everything thoroughly, even helped me to set up my business email account, and held my hand throughout the whole process. At all times we were moving at my pace, she was always at the end of the phone and available to answer my questions, even after the website was finished, whilst I was learning to manage it myself. Couldn’t find a more helpful web designer, thoroughly recommend working with her."

Kristina Ambrus